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The goal of the New York Recorder Guild, founding chapter of the American Recorder Society, is to enrich the lives of its members by exploring the recorder and its music.

There are many interesting websites about the recorder and early music. We update this list from time to time, so check frequently and have fun surfing through them. The link at the top of the list is especially interesting and comprehensive. There are links on this page to columns appearing in the Early Music Newsletter by Elijah Ducon and Judith Anne Wink.

We would like to highlight recorder players, both amateur and professional. If you have a video on Youtube, please send the URL to the webmaster. If you do not have a Youtube account, but do have a movie of your playing, email that to the webmaster. We have set up a special webpage to link to these Youtube Videos.

We will try to publicize special Early Music Concerts in the New York area we think will be of interest to you as we become aware of them. Also, please check out Polyphony for a listing of historical performance concerts.

Email our officers using the links at the left for more information about upcoming early music events. And find out the many ways you can get involved.

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