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ARS LogoThe New York Recorder Guild is a member of the American Recorder Society

Join the New York Recorder Guild

Recorder players at all levels are welcome to join and participate in the monthly playing meetings and other activities in the Early Music Scene in the New York Metro Area.

To become a part of the Guild, see any officer at one of our scheduled playing sessions. You can also print out and mail in the membership form with your check for annual dues.

New York Recorder Guild Membership Form
Yearly dues: $40; Per-meeting fee: $12
(Per-meeting fee can be paid at the time of the meeting or ahead of time);
Visitor fee: $15
 Please make your check payable to “New York Recorder Guild”.
If mailing your check, send to:
New York Recorder Guild, 145 W. 93rd St., Apt. 2, New York, NY 10025


Mailing address:


Email Address:

How many years have you been playing the recorder?

How did you hear about the New York Recorder Guild?


Please list the voices of recorder that you play and your level of expertise.



Consider including a donation with your Membership dues to further the work and success of the NYRG. The New York Recorder Guild is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the tax code.